Seeking DelphiThe Podcast

Host Mark Sackler interviews authors, futurists, entrepreneurs and miscellaneous experts on all aspects of the future of humanity.  Social, Technological, Economic, Environmental and Political–all the STEEP categories are on the table.  Each podcast has an accompanying web page on this site, and is also available on YouTube and iTunes.   Be sure to follow us on Facebook as well.

Page links in reverse chronological order:

April 2017

#11: Will A.I. kill your job or create you a new one? With Ian Pearson

#10: The Future of Cinema and Digital Entertainment with Steven D. Katz

March 2017

#9: Ethics and Emerging Technologies, with Dr. James J. Hughes.

#8: Inventing the local future with Neil Richardson

#7: 3D Printing: Homes, Cars, Food and Even Human Bodies! With Dr. Paul Tinari

#6:  Technology: The Good, The Bad, and The Existential, with Olle Häggström

#5:  Teaching and Learning The Future, with Peter Bishop and Robert Mattox

February 2017

#4: Technology Investing for The Future, with Jim Lee

#3: Whatever Happened to Fuel Cells? with William Smith

#2: The Abolition of Aging, Part 2, with David Wood

January 2017

#1: The Abolition of Aging, Part 1, with David Wood