#53: The Longevity Dialogues Part 2, Selling the Science, with Aubrey de Grey, Nir Barzilai, and Keith Comito

“Ageing is, simply and clearly, the accumulation of damage in the body. That’s all that ageing is.–Aubrey de Grey

It’s that simple. Or so say Aubrey de Grey and his many followers in the gerontological and biotech communities. But the sixty-four dollar question is: how does the message disseminate to the rest of the world? Regulators…legislators…the public at large…they all need to understand the viability of this research, and the very real benefits that humanity could gain if it succeeds. No, it’s not there yet, and no, there are no guarantees that it will ever get there. But the probability of success grows with every passing breakthrough, day by day. In this episode of The Longevity Dialogues on Seeking Delphi,™ we discuss the ins and outs of Selling the Science. The panelists:

  • Aubrey de Grey–chief science officer of the SENS research foundation and author of Ending Aging.
  • Nir Barzilai, MD- founding director of the Institute for Aging Research, at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University. Author of Age Later.
  • Keith Comito–Founder and president of the Life Extension Advocacy Foundation.

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#53–The Longevity Dialogues, Part 2, Selling the Science

You Tube video: Longevity Dialogues, Part 2: Selling the Science
Life Plus Advocacy Video

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