Podcast #46: The Post-Covid Future, Part 3: The Electrical Grid and Emergency Preparedness, with Shay Bahramirad

 “Without Electricity, the air would rot.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson


What might Ralph Waldo Emerson say if he lived in the age of “shelter-at-home?”   Perhaps he’d opine that without electricity, we all would rot.  At any rate, we’d all be a lot more miserable, if not in far greater danger.  The reliability of electricity has never been more important then it is now.  Can you imagine a major outage from natural disaster or cascading grid failure occurring while the world is still mostly locked down from the pandemic?   You probably don’t want to think about such things–but electric utilities must.  Shay Bahramirad is a vice president at Commonwealth Edison in Chicago.  She joins me to discuss just such scenarios and how they are being prepared for by our power providers.

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Episode #46,  The Post-Covid Future: The Electrical Grid and Emergency Preparedness

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