Podcast #48: Space Commerce with Tess Hatch

“I think we are at the dawn of a new era in commercial space exploration.”–Elon Musk


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With the May 30 launch of two American astronauts to the International Space Station aboard the SpaceX Dragon Crew capsule, history was made.  This was not only the first launch of astronauts from American soil since 2011, it was the first ever launch of astronauts into orbit by a commercial enterprise.  Elon was right; the dawn is here.

Tess Hatch is a venture capitalist with an aerospace engineering background.  She has worked for SpaceX and interned at NASA.  She had better know space commerce–she invests in it.  From Starlink, to space tourism and asteroid mining, I discuss with her the very imminent future of space commerce, in Seeking Delphi™ episode #48.

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Episode #48: Space Commerce with Tess Hatch

YouTube slideshow of episode #48


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