Podcast #25: Women and The Future of A.I. with Alexandra Whittington

 “A woman is like a tea bag–you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.”–Eleanor Roosevelt


Artificial Intelligence–it seems there is no hotter topic in the tech world these days.  Economists try to calculate its potential effects on jobs, car companies aim to tame it for autonomous driving, and big thinkers ala Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking espouse existential worries.  But the effects potentially dig down deeper, broader, and perhaps with more subtlety in many other areas of human experience.  One sometimes overlooked area of artificial intelligence influence is the effects it may have specifically on women’s issues–both in the workplace and in the home.  Alexandra Whittington, of Fast Future Publishing, joins host Mark Sackler for a discussion of these issues on episode #25 of Seeking Delphi.™

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Alexandra Whittington is a futurist, writer, foresight director of Fast Future, and faculty member on the Futures program at the University of Houston. She has a particular expertise in future visioning and scenario planning. Alexandra is a contributor to The Future of Business, Beyond Genuine Stupidity—Ensuring AI Serves Humanity, and The Future Reinvented—Reimagining Life, Society, and Business, and a co-editor for forthcoming books Unleashing Human Potential—The Future of AI in Business and 50:50—Scenarios for the Next 50 Years.

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Episode #25: Women and The Future of A.I. with Alexandra Whittington

YouTube slide show: Episode #25

A reminder that this and all Seeking Delphi ™podcasts are available on iTunes, PlayerFM, and  YouTube.  You can also follow us on Facebook and on twitter @MarkSackler

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