Podcast #43: The Future of Work 2050, with Jerome Glenn

“Automation is going to cause unemployment, and we need to prepare for it.”–Mark cuban


Unfortunately, mass unemployment has apparently hit us without any help from automation.  But if there is a silver lining in the COVID-19 pandemic–and it’s awfully hard to imagine one–it might be that this may prepare us for dealing with mass job losses from causes other than social distancing.

In this discussion of the Millennium Project’s Work/Tech 2050 study, Jerome Glenn joins me to describe three possible long-term scenarios, along with many of the sub-issues to be dealt with.

By the way, here is a link with background on Delphi studies, which were used extensively to create the report.  The Delphi study gets its name from the same place Seeking Delphi™ does–the ancient oracle of Delphi.

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Jerome Glenn

Work/Tech 2050 Report. Click image for download link.










Episode #43: The Future of Work, 2050, with Jerome Glenn


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2 thoughts on “Podcast #43: The Future of Work 2050, with Jerome Glenn

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