Podcast #32: Reimagining Our Tomorrows with Joe Tankersley

“We should celebrate when optimism and hard work triumph over cynicism, lethargy, and fatalism.”– Sadiq Khan


Bad news sells news.   Chaos sells movies and television series.  What hope is there for the future of humanity?  But for all the gloom and doom, there are probably as many positive indicators of the future as there are negative ones.  For an objective view of that notion, go back and listen to Jerome Glenn on the Millennium Project’s State of The Future report in Seeking Delphi™ episode #24

For a more subjective, imaginative way to look at what our collective better futures might hold, listen to episode #32 (links below) with Joe Tankersley, author of Reimagining Our Tomorrows, Making Sure Your Future Doesn’t Suck.

You can request and excerpt from the book HERE.

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episode #32 Reimagining Our Tomorrows with Joe Tankersley



YouTube slide show of Episode #32


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