Podcast #18, U.K. 2030: Four Post-Brexit Scenarios

“Brexit was the first brick that was knocked out of the establishment wall.”–Nigel Farage

“Brexit was a fantastic example of a nation shooting itself in the face.”–Hugh Grant


Even as Trumpism continues to agitate and divide the U.S., Brexit continues to do the same in Britain. As the process plays out through lengthy and difficult negotiations, no particular outcome is clear. In this podcast episode #18 of Seeking Delphi™,  I talk with one of the architects of SAMI Consulting’s wide ranging report on 4 possible scenarios for Brexit, through 2030.  The future is murky, but one way or the other, it will get here.

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Episode #18; U.K. 2030; Four Post-Brexit Scenarios

YouTube slide show of Episode #18


Jonathan Blanchard Smith, SAMI Consulting page

Brexit affects U.K. pharmaceuticals and healthcare

Brexit labor shortage could hit winemakers

Brexit Northern Ireland border issue

GM plans to launch autonomous ride-sharing program in 2019

California set to drop law that would limit self-driving vehicle manufacturer crash liability

Ontario to miss its 2020 electric vehicle targets.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX to orbit a Tesla vehicle around Mars–maybe.


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