Podcast Special Edition: 2018 IEEE Technology Time Machine Preview

“I saw huge buildings rise up faint and fair, and pass like dreams.” 
― H.G. Wells,  The Time Machine.

This special edition of the Seeking Delphi™ podcast provides a preview of the 2018 IEEE Technology Time Machine, to be held October 31-November 1, at the Hilton Resort and Spa, San Diego, CA.  Joining host Mark Sackler to discuss the upcoming program is Roberto Saracco, who heads the IEEE initiative on Symbiotic Autonomous Systems and is one of the conference organizers.  He was previously interviewed on Seeking Delphi Podcast #22.  See links below the embedded podcast audio and YouTube slide show to access event information and registration.

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YouTube slide show: 2018 Technology Time Machine Preview


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Technology Time Machine links:

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Podcast #22: Social Robotics and Symbiotic Autonomous Systems with Roberto Saracco

 “We’re going to become caretakers for the robots. That’s what the next generation of work is going to be.”–Gray Scott


I’m not worried about depressed robots.  But I am worried about masses of people being depressed about robots.  Or any other form of autonomous system, for that matter.  How we use them, how we communicate and interact–and ultimately control them–is critical.  IEEE, ever in the forefront of maintaining standard practices and ethical approaches to technology, is directly in the fray on this one, with its Initiative on Symbiotic Autonomous Systems.  Roberto Saracco, a noted computer scientist and educator from Turin, Italy, is co-director of the initiative;  he joins me for this episode of Seeking Delphi.™


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Episode #22:  Social Robotics and Symbiotic Autonomous Systems with Roberto Saracco


YouTube slide show of Seeking Delphi™ podcast episode #22

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The Uncanny Valley?


A reminder that this and all Seeking Delphi ™podcasts are available on iTunes, PlayerFM, and  YouTube.  You can also follow us on Facebook and on twitter @MarkSackler