#55: The Longevity Dialogs Part 3, The Science and Technology of Growing Young with Sergey Young

“We have created science and technology to extend our life, but we haven’t created life we want to extend.”–Sergey Young, Seeking Delphi episode #55, explaining why he believes more people do not support radical life extension.

Few individuals have done more, from an advocacy standpoint, to promote breakthroughs in human longevity, than Sergey Young. Seeking Delphi™ returns with a fascinating interview with Sergey on the occasion of the release of his new book, The Science and Technology of Growing Young. The book provides a comprehensive overview of where longevity research is now, where it could be going in the future, and what you can do, in the meantime, to get the most health and vigor out of your own life. We also discuss the current state of the soon to be announced longevity XPrize. You can subscribe to Seeking Delphi™ on Apple podcasts , PlayerFM, MyTuner,  Listen Notes, and YouTube.    You can also follow us on twitter @Seeking_Delphi and Facebook.

Sergey YoungGrowing Young

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#55: The Science and Technology of Growing Young, with Sergey Young
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