An Invation to Longevity: Seeking Delphi(tm) Webinar on the Implications of Super Longevity

A long life is a life well spent.”–Leonardo da Vinci

“The secret to longevity is to keep breathing.”–Sophie Tucker

Join me with Aubrey de Grey of the SENS Foundation, Liz Parrish of Biovivia Sciences, David Wood of the London Futurists, and co-moderator Keith Comito of The Life Extension Advocacy Foundation, for an online panel to discuss the social implications of radical longevity extension. “The Dawn of Super-Longevity: Scenarios for a Post-Aging Future.” Thursday January 9 12PM-1:30PM EST. (AM PST, 17:00 GMT) Be early…limited to 100 total participants.

Will also be streaming on the Seeking Delphi™ YouTube channel.

You can subscribe to Seeking Delphi™ on Apple Podcasts, PlayerFM, MyTuner,  Listen Notes, and YouTube You can also follow us on Facebook and on twitter @Seeking_Delphi


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