Podcast #30: Ambient Science and Digital Twins with Katalin Bártfai-Walcott

“Constant togetherness is fine–but only for Siamese twins.”–Victoria Billings


As the internet of things, edge computing, and 5G connectivity all converge, we move relentlessly toward a world of ambient computing.   It will be always on, ever around us and responding to us, whether we realize it or not.  How do ambient computing and digital twins combine in the realm of ambient science?  Intel’s Katalin Bártfai-Walcott joins me on the newest Seeking Delphi™ podcast to discuss exactly what this is and what its implications might be.

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Is your digital twin coming soon?









Episode #30–Ambient Science and Digital Twins with Katalin Bártfai-Walcott

YouTube slide show Episode #30


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