#57: Update on Fuel Cells and Hydrogen with William F. Smith

So I submit to my colleagues here today that hydrogen is not as far away as we think it is.“–Bob Inglis

In February of 2017, Seeking Delphi™ featured Infinity Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, Inc.™ founder and CEO Bill Smith, in an episode entitled What Ever Happend to Fuel Cells.

Not much was happening in early 2017. The market for hydrogen fuel cells, and hydrogen in any form for that matter, had been stagnant for for over a decade.

Five years later, boy has it turned. Hardly a day goes by without reading something in the news about hydrogen and hydrogen fuel cells. From mega green hydrogen grid storage projects, to long haul trucks–and even hydrogen power underwater and in space–the hits just keep on coming.

In this episode, Bill joins me again to discuss what has changed since he last spoke with us and–most importantly–where it’s is all headed.

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Disclaimer: I joined Infinity as director of corporate communication in June of this year.

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#57: Update on Fuel Cells and Hydrogen

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