Podcast #49: The Future of Veterinary Medicine, with Dr. Donna Harris and Dr. Karen Rosenthal

“Pets have more love and compassion in them than most humans.”–Robert Wagner


Even as the pandemic-struck U.S. economy shrunk by 32% in the first quarter of this year, veterinary medicine saw a different story.  Pet ownership soared at a record pace, and public pet supply companies, like Petco, registered increases in sales.

Donna Harris and Karen Rosenthal are both doctors of veterinary medicine and members of The Association of Professional Futurists.  They join me for a wide ranging discussion of the future of veterinary medicine and how Covid-19 may be accelerating change in the field.

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 Episode #49: The Future of Veterinary Medicine


YouTube slideshow of Episode #49

Tales of a Veterinary Spouse (from my other blog, The Millennium Conjectures)

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