Podcast Special Edition Mini-Cast: Preview of The 2019 Ending-Age Related Diseases Conference

“As far as I’m concerned, ageing is humanity’s worst problem, by some serious distance.”–Aubrey de Grey



If we could prevent the diseases of aging, we could prevent aging itself.  We could empower “older” people to work like younger people for as long as they want to–if they want to.  In this Seeking Delphi™ special edition mini-cast, Life Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF) presidnet Keith Comito joins host Mark Sackler to discuss the upcoming Ending-Age Releated Diseases conference, to be held July 11 and 12 at  Cooper Union, New York, NY, USA.  The biggest names in ending research will be there to present, including Aubrey de Grey of SENS Foundation and George Church of Rejuvenate Bio and Harvard University.

LEAF has provided a special 10% discount code for our listenters: DELPHI2019. ; You can register and access the discout HERE.

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Special Edition Mini-cast: 2019 Ending-Age-Related Diseases Preview

YouTube slide show of 2019 Ending-Age Related Diseases preview

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Podcast #32: Reimagining Our Tomorrows with Joe Tankersley

“We should celebrate when optimism and hard work triumph over cynicism, lethargy, and fatalism.”– Sadiq Khan


Bad news sells news.   Chaos sells movies and television series.  What hope is there for the future of humanity?  But for all the gloom and doom, there are probably as many positive indicators of the future as there are negative ones.  For an objective view of that notion, go back and listen to Jerome Glenn on the Millennium Project’s State of The Future report in Seeking Delphi™ episode #24

For a more subjective, imaginative way to look at what our collective better futures might hold, listen to episode #32 (links below) with Joe Tankersley, author of Reimagining Our Tomorrows, Making Sure Your Future Doesn’t Suck.

You can request and excerpt from the book HERE.

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episode #32 Reimagining Our Tomorrows with Joe Tankersley



YouTube slide show of Episode #32


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News of The Future: June 4, 2019

“Mars is there, waiting to be reached.”–Buzz Aldrin

“President Bush announced that we were landing on Mars today … which means he’s given up on Earth.”–Jon Stewart

Will we find microbes on Mars?  Can we make breathable Oxygen on Mars? I guess we’ll find out sometime between now and when we get there.  I’m not betting on Elon Musk’s aggressive timetable, and I’m certainly not expecting to go there myself.  But I do have a ticket to send my name there.

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Mars/Moon/SpaceA team of researchers from Caltech has come up with a process by which breathable Oxygen might be generated from Carbon Dioxide for the benefit of future Mars explorers.  This is probably preferable to having it shipped there by Amazon.

–If you’re looking for life on Mars, you might want to look for pasta-shaped rock formations.  According to a University of Illinois scientist, a microbe that forms such growths lives in extremely harsh, low oxygen environments on Earth, and might be able to thrive on Mars.

–Neither you nor I are likely to be going to Mars anytime soon–if ever.  But you can send your name there.  NASA is inviting individuals to submit their names to be etched in a microchip headed there on the 2020 rover.  (Thanks to Eric Klein of the Lifeboat Foundation for providing me with the ticket below).

Future Transport–Back on Earth, Elon Musk’s latest promised gimmick will be to  produce a Tesla roadster powered by SpaceX rocket thruster technology–by next year.  Warning: do not exceed the sound barrier.

–The Canadian province of British Columbia is not taking climate change lying down.  They will phase out gas-powered vehicles, requiring 10% to be emission free by 2025 and banning gas-powered vehicles entirely by 2040.

–Wanna buy a flying car?  Listen to Seeking Delphi™ podcast #27.  Want an emission free vertical take-off-and-landing vehicle (VOTL)?  See the video below.


Sustainable Energy–If you’re seeking the holy grail of renewable, clean energy, there’s bad news.   Cold fusion, once and for all, is not it.  Google has blown more than a few bucks chasing that unicorn the last four years.

Biotechnology–Therapy delivering nanobots have moved one step closer to becoming reality.  IEEE Spectrum reports that South Korean scientists have propelled stem-cell carrying magnetic nanobots through a live mouse.

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